• Fast-acting counselling and coaching in Central London

  • “I am now living a much more healthy and fulfilling life”

  • “Patient, thoughtful and incredibly approachable”

  • "Pat has been vital in instilling the student with confidence"

Solution-focused therapy in Central and Greater London

As a Human Givens therapist  I aim to make a difference after one session and for you to leave each session feeling better than when you arrived.

What is “solution focused” therapy and counselling?

What I will not do

• Dwell in the past
• Ask you to go over and over traumatic events in your past
• Bamboozle you with psycho babble
• Sign you up to lengthy, weekly sessions

What I will do

• Help you find ways to deal with what you are facing now
• Explore with you which of your needs are not being met and what coping skills or resources are not as developed as they could be
• Look forward and help you find strategies to deal with any difficulties you might face in the future
• Explore with you if there is a trauma in your past that could be impacting on you now. And then I will aim to clear that quickly.
• Set clear goals with which will allow you to monitor your progress.
• Agree with you, at the end of each session, when I will see you next. It could be a week; it could be a month.
• Aim to have you leave each session feeling better than when you arrived.
• Aim to have you back functioning at your optimal level as quickly as possible

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