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“Make not your thoughts your prisons” Part 2

In this second part in the series on Anxiety, I explore some lifestyle changes that could each make a significant positive impact on your wellbeing.  Ultimately, some counselling could be your best option.

  1. Develop healthy sleeping habits

The link between sleep and wellbeing is obvious. If you know your sleep pattern is erratic, seek help. Sleeping properly is the secret to better health. Physically and mentally.

  1. Don’t hang around in a toxic environment

Assess your environment. Are parts of it, like your place of work, toxic and the cause of your anxiety? If you cannot get out of the toxic environment, you could learn how to cope with it a lot better. Counselling can teach you the skills needed to cope.  But sometimes we have to realise we simply have to get out!

  1. Learn new skills

Sometimes anxiety can be a result of not having the required coping skills to deal with what life throws at you. You might need some help learning new ones or tweaking the ones you do have.

  1. Remind yourself of the positives

Count your blessings. Make a list of everything you are grateful for. Remind yourself of your gifts and talents and accomplishments. Do this regularly. Daily if need be. You cannot do it too often! Find reasons to celebrate.  This is where some people find keeping a journal really useful.

  1. Explore the roots of your anxiety.

This is the big one. There could be a trauma from your past or a phobia that is at the root of your anxiety. These can be treated. The Human Givens style of therapy has a very simple technique that can be very effective in clearing trauma.


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