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“Make not your thoughts your prisons” Part 1

All of us will feel anxious at some stage.  It is normal.  But when our feelings of anxiety start to impact on our mental health and wellbeing and inhibit us from living a happy and fulfilled life, we need to address them.  Anxiety and its related mental health conditions like OCD and Burnout, are becoming more and more common.  Our mental and physical wellbeing can be seriously affected by Anxiety and our response to it.

Here are some tips for those of you who feel that anxiety is getting the better of you.

  1. Acceptance

The first step is to accept that you are feeling anxious.  You cannot deal with something that you have not admitted is there is the first place. If you constantly fight it off, it will eventually get the better of you.

  1. Separate

You and the anxiety are not the same thing.  You are not the problem.  Anxiety is.


Very often, all we need is a distraction from what is causing us the anxiety.  Or we need something to do that will take our mind of what we are feeling.  The next few tips are all aimed at refocusing our energy elsewhere.


  1. Learn a craft

Learning a new skill is a brilliant distraction. Our brain loves to learn. Deciding to learn something new could reconnect you to others. And you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

  1. Meditate

This does not mean you have to sit with your legs crossed while you hum.  It simply means learning to calm yourself down. Learn 7/11 breathing. Or anything else that allows you to focus on stillness and peace.

  1. Exercise

Any exercise whether outside or in a gym, is a brilliant way of managing anxiety. If you can, exercise with a friend. Even better, join a group. The human interaction will be good for you too.

  1. Get a pet

Having a pet can be a very welcome distraction. A dog needs walking so you get some exercise too. Cats are cuddly. All pets rely on you for their wellbeing. But they make great companions and always know when you need cheering up.

  1. Massage

One of the great pleasures of life. Find which style suits you. But try being the masseur too. It is a great way to reconnect.

Come back in a few days to read Part 2.


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