Mental Health and Wellbeing

Our fast-paced world causes stress, anxiety and depression. Grief and the experience of trauma, can also add to psychological burdens and impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

Through trauma counselling at one of my London Counselling and Psychotherapy Clinics, I can help you identify what is inhibiting you and enable you to function at your optimum level. I want to help you find solutions and get back to feeling better. Together we look at ways to get your needs met in a healthy and balanced way at home, in the workplace, or at school or university

Short term psychotherapy and counselling helps you recover from the emotional distress caused by anxiety, low self-esteem, stress, grief, trauma, or whatever unique challenge you face.

I also offer individual coaching; corporate coaching and training; educational training and consultancy.

What you can expect from your therapy sessions:

  • Discretion and confidentiality
  • Solution and skills focus
  • Face to face
  • Relaxing

What you can expect from coaching sessions:

  • Discovering and developing skills
  • Focus on personal wellbeing
  • Exploring work-life balance
  • Stress management skills for work and home
  • Developing self esteem and self confidence

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