anxiety and mental health

“Make not your thoughts your prisons” Part 1

All of us will feel anxious at some stage.  It is normal.  But when our feelings of anxiety start to impact on our mental health and wellbeing and inhibit us from living a happy and fulfilled life, we need to address them.  Anxiety and its related mental health conditions like OCD and Burnout, are becoming more and more common.  Our mental and physical wellbeing can be seriously affected by Anxiety and our response to it.

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counselling and mental health

A therapist in therapy

We have all had times when the world becomes a little much for us. Mine was in my 20s when a severe bout of depression hit me. Back in those days it was called a “nervous breakdown”. Luckily that term is not used as much anymore. A “major depressive episode” would have been for more appropriate. “Episode” suggests it will be fleeting and temporary rather than something that is physically broken. A course of antidepressants and lithium followed and ultimately a 6-month course of psychotherapy. Although painful at the time, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. By that point I was a teacher with a Psychology degree and a postgraduate qualification in Counselling. The irony did not pass me by. But what I learnt from it was invaluable. I was lucky that I ended up with a top quality therapist who helped me find my way through it.

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