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Workplace Stress Part 2

In Part 1, I explained our basic emotional needs and our innate resources.  I am now going to focus on major causes of workplace stress.

Firstly, it needs to be said that a bit of stress is good for us.  Helpful stress is what stretches us; makes us strive and learn new things and feel exhilarated.  Stretch normally happens when our needs are being met and our innate resources are being used and developed in a healthy way. It motivates us to perform at our best. But when that stress becomes overwhelming or constant and we never get the time to “rest and digest”, it becomes unhealthy and it can result in exhaustion or burnout.  And the result of that is often mental and / or physical ill health.

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It’s a given

In this blog, Hannah reveals her motivation for training as a Human Givens therapist.

In 2008 my husband Patrick died whilst we were on holiday in Italy. One day we were walking around a market in Calabria and the next day he was gone. As with any loss, I took time to adjust and the natural grieving process played itself out. However, at 42, husbandless, childless and with no real career path to speak of, I went into a decline.  Extremely stressful events like losing a loved one, divorce, even moving home, can send us into a spin and although nerves don?t break down, mine felt as though they were.  I couldn?t stop crying; I slept all day and all night and, if I wasn’t sleeping, I was watching endless TV, cutting myself off from friends and living on the sofa.

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Therapy in the classroom

Being a Human Givens practitioner means accepting the premise of the approach: we all have emotional needs. Here is my take on applying the relevant ones to the classroom.

  1. Security

Each pupil needs to feel safe in the classroom. As a teacher, I need to create an environment where it is safe to ask and answer a question. Too often pupils are scared to speak up out of the fear of being wrong. It is my responsibility to make it clear that it is safe to make mistakes. Getting things wrong is part of learning. Why is it wrong? How do I get to a more correct answer? Is there even a correct answer? Sometimes this might mean having to explore more of a Growth Mindset by reframing in the following way: You might not know the answer YET.

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