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Workplace Stress Part 3

In Part 2, I looked at factors that can cause stress in the workplace.  Now, I am going to focus on some stress busting techniques in the workplace.  I have written about stress and work life balance before.  But here are some reminders and some new tips that are aimed at keeping the stress levels as low as possible.

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Pat Capel

Psychological Abuse Part 2

What are the tools of abuse?

Tools of abuse include:

1.Uncertainty – not just a result of psychological abuse it can be used as a tool to keep the victim in a permanent state of indecision, unable to take action. This can be a subtle way of removing someone’s sense of autonomy and control one of our essential emotional needs.

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abuse and mental health

Psychological Abuse Part 1

What is psychological abuse and coercive control?

Coercive control or controlling behaviour became an offence in December 2015.? According to the Home Office: Coercive or controlling behaviour does not relate to a single incident, it is a purposeful pattern of incidents that occur over time in order for one individual to exert power, control or coercion over another.

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A therapist in therapy

We have all had times when the world becomes a little much for us. Mine was in my 20s when a severe bout of depression hit me. Back in those days it was called a “nervous breakdown”. Luckily that term is not used as much anymore. A “major depressive episode” would have been for more appropriate. “Episode” suggests it will be fleeting and temporary rather than something that is physically broken. A course of antidepressants and lithium followed and ultimately a 6-month course of psychotherapy. Although painful at the time, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. By that point I was a teacher with a Psychology degree and a postgraduate qualification in Counselling. The irony did not pass me by. But what I learnt from it was invaluable. I was lucky that I ended up with a top quality therapist who helped me find my way through it.

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It’s a given

In this blog, Hannah reveals her motivation for training as a Human Givens therapist.

In 2008 my husband Patrick died whilst we were on holiday in Italy. One day we were walking around a market in Calabria and the next day he was gone. As with any loss, I took time to adjust and the natural grieving process played itself out. However, at 42, husbandless, childless and with no real career path to speak of, I went into a decline.  Extremely stressful events like losing a loved one, divorce, even moving home, can send us into a spin and although nerves don?t break down, mine felt as though they were.  I couldn?t stop crying; I slept all day and all night and, if I wasn’t sleeping, I was watching endless TV, cutting myself off from friends and living on the sofa.

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