“Patient, thoughtful and incredibly approachable, Pat has been vital in instilling the student with confidence for his exams. Pat has an easy-going rapport which has established a sense of trust. It has been incredibly impressive to observe the way in which this relationship of trust has enabled notable academic progress to be made. As a teacher myself, I have been grateful to observe Pat in action and will certainly endeavour to replicate many of his effective strategies.”


“I first met Hannah when life for me had once again taken a nasty turn. She came to my rescue, listening and steering me in the right direction, by making me aware of the tools I had been given at birth. I have been shown another way to deal with my chronic PTSD and everything else life has a tendency to throw at me. For that and her belief in me I shall be forever grateful. (If you are suffering, if life has morphed into a car crash, if you have hit a wall then let Hannah try to help you.)”


“I loved my therapy sessions with Pat. He really helped me overcome my fears with my new job. I suffered from terrible anxiety and nervousness when I started it. I now enjoy it very much and this is in no small part thanks to Pat. I would highly recommend him as a therapist.”


“Before I went to Hannah, things were extremely difficult. I’d had issues with anxiety and panic attacks from a young age and recently, they were again affecting my everyday life. Just getting through a normal day was a real struggle and I looked for someone who could help me. From the very first appointment, Hannah put me at ease and I found her methods, techniques and approach that she uses both a great comfort and easy to work with. I found my own well-being and mental health greatly improved with each visit and this was all thanks to Hannah’s work.  As a result, I cannot thank her enough for getting me back onto my feet and feeling like myself once again. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for support or guidance in restoring their mental health and well-being to a much better place.”


”The talk by Pat was so important for the students. Self-understanding and underlying knowledge of what causes stress, anxiety and the ability of the brain to learn effectively, gives students the independence to start taking control of their own pathways. The students came away from the talk with tips, examples and readiness to engage with the coping strategies Pat showed them. An excellent and valuable talk which all 6th Formers would benefit from.”

Head of 6th Form

“The support and help Hannah provided for my teenage daughter was exceptional.  From my daughter’s first meeting an instant connection was made.  Without Hannah’s valuable sessions my daughter would not be in the happier space she is in now.”


“I was impressed with how quickly my daughter engaged with Pat. After the first session she said she felt “lighter” and understood how her mind tricks her into anxiety. She has been using the strategies learnt during her sessions successfully and I have observed a marked difference in her resilience. These are valuable life skills, and I highly recommend this Practice.”

A Mother

“After having spoken to friends and family about their own experiences with therapy, I can conclude that I have been very lucky with Hannah. I felt instant improvement from the first session and since then my life has drastically improved. She was able to get to the core of the trauma quickly and later gave me tools to build and maintain my confidence. I am now living a much more healthy and fulfilling life and I would recommend Hannah to anyone.”


“I found Hannah to be a very warm, caring person, and the treatment I had with her has really helped me to put my problems into perspective; to let go of past events which were still affecting me and look at the future in a more positive way. I would really recommend her as a therapist.” 


“Pat’s talk balanced the science behind stress with practical strategies which the students could use to manage it. The talk was interactive and the students still talk about how much they enjoyed it! We will definitely invite him back.”

Head of 6th form

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